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Family Owned & Operated  

A team of experts who help business owners overcome and win in the complex world of Online Advertising  

A Few Of Our Services

Our Servuces
Geo Fencing 

We use intuitive mapping tools and can reach almost anyone anywhere online! Example: We can deliver ads to moms who live in a particular neighborhood, with house hold incomes greater than 100K, who are likely to own a SUV, and who are recently married!

Re-Targeting Funnels

Once anyone in our target audience engages with our ads they are then added to a re-targeting sequences where they will be served information repeatedly! These funnels will dramatically increase your conversation rate over time.


We help businesses overcome some of their biggest challenges with our personal business consulting program. 


Our team designs video ads, writes content, creates custom landing pages, and lead forms that all produce real results. 


We will train you and your staff on best practices for interacting with leads and customers on the platforms we utilize for your business.

Website Mgt. 

Websites are a necessary tool but they can also be a huge headache when you feel trapped by year long contracts with hosting companies that charge a great deal and produce little to no results. Pay less and get more with with Freedom Finders. 

Search Engine Optimization

Ask us about receiving a complimentary scan of your local S.E.O score today.

Onsite Content Creation  

We travel to our clients to take pictures, capture video footage of the office, staff and testimonials. Organic content is the best way to engage your customers.

99% of people don't advertise in the year that we are actually living in

- Gary Vaynerchuk

How do marketing funnels work?


“Freedom Finders is GREAT! Our company has a whole new outlook on the services Freedom Finders provides. Thank you for teaching us and showing us what REAL online marketing is suppose to be like..”

Crystal H.
Marketing Director of Best New Patients 

Pricing & Fees
It is very rare to find a business that needs the same exact advertising and marketing strategy as another. So unlike most of our competitors, instead of stuffing everyone in the same box and charging a package price, we tailor to your specific needs. This means you don't get stuck paying for services you do not use and as a result you pay less.

Meet the CEO

"It all started when I was just a boy helping my father grow his chain of Dry Cleaners. He worked incredibly hard and I wanted to help by doing more than just pressing shirts. I began advertising his business when I was 16 years old. Seeing the proud look in his eyes as new customers walked through the doors as a result of the adverting efforts left a lasting impression on me. I was hooked! I come from humble beginnings and my heart is with the business owners of the world because that is the home I grew up in. I have been in the marketing industry for 16 years now, helped hundreds of business owners like my Dad achieve their dreams and grow strong successful businesses. I try not to see clients as just "clients" I try to see each one like my Dad and our job at Freedom Finders is to help them grow and make them proud!"

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